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Verrerie en Alsace


André Freydt destined for dentistry, turned instead to the visual arts. Self-taught and proud of it, he devotes himself to multiple artistic disciplines ranging from painting to sculpture to mosaics and stained glass.

First registered at the Chambre des Métiers, then at the Maison des Artistes in Paris, he also works with stone, making decorative fresco murals in private indoor swimming pools, steel, copper, brass and bronze for the creation of sculptures, sometimes of a monumental nature, glass for stained glass windows, earth for modelling and sculptures.



The opportunity to acquire an oven, thanks to his older brother, was a turning point in his career. Very soon, the alchemy of the fusion of glass and colors led as if by magic to the birth of well-crafted objects, both decorative and utilitarian.

His first production left for the United Arab Emirates and was exhibited in Dubai in 2000; it was a great success. The on-site meeting with Nada Ghanem, delighted by the exhibits, resulted in the creation of the company « Le Créateur Français ».(The French Creator) upon their return to France. 


Today, André Freydt has created his own company in Alsace.

A mastery of the art of thermoformed glass and of "fusing" gives him an undeniable notoriety. Custom work and the creation of unique pieces have now become his priority.

17 Rue Strasbourg - 67117 - FURDENHEIM -

Tel:09 70 35 89 54